1st March and we’re open!

Hurray! 1st March and we’re open! Oh hang on…. no we’re not!

As you know, the current lockdown restrictions do not allow us to open until further notice. This all depends on the Government and their instructions. In Scotland, this is a little hazy- no one seems to know right now who can open when, but rest assured as soon as we are allowed to open we are ready!

We’re taking bookings from April 17th right now, as this seems to be the date talked about in the press, but with no clear instruction from the Scottish Parliament, we’re not sure.

If you book for April and beyond April and the opening is pushed back, we’ll either move your dates if possible, or give you a full refund.

It feels like Ground hog day after last year- the site, eerily quiet on opening day, and especially frustrating as the weather is so good right now, but hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Essential workers are allowed to travel and stay overnight in a caravan if totally isolated without using facilities- we can provide for this, so please contact us for details.

Grass maintenance work ongoing as always!