Covid-19 Policy

During 2020 we introduced and kept to a very thorough antiviral, Covid-19 prevention strategy. This kept all visitors and our staff safe for the duration of the season.

For Season 2021 we will continue to operate our thorough antiviral protocols throughout the season and ongoing.

The toilet and showers are split into unisex units, rather than Ladies and Gents. This has the effect of reducing contact with other visitors by 50%. The toilets and showers offer privacy and several family members felt this was a good idea when introduced, as it allowed families to visit the facilities together when necessary.

  • The facilities are disinfected and cleaned a minimum of 4 times daily, properly- including taps, handles, door locks and light switches, chemical toilet emptying, dustbins, and all such points of contact. We carry out overnight disinfectant fogging every night. On-site hook up water and electrical points are disinfected between visitors.
  • Dustbins and refuse points are cleaned and disinfected weekly and no accumulating rubbish is left at the disposal site.
  • We use only approved and tested disinfectant and cleaning products. Our products are tested and passed to BS EN 14476 & BS EN1276 which confirms our products kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in no more than 60 seconds.
  • Sanitiser stations are provided at each facility to include Moisturising Sanitiser gel tested and passed to BS EN 1500 & BS EN13727, and heavy duty disinfecting wipes tested to BS EN 14476 & BS EN 1276.
  • On arriving at and leaving the toilets and shower block and for your own further assurance, we suggest a quick wipe of toilet seats and/or taps with the anti-viral disposable wipes provided is made.
  • We will make sure you are pitched away from very close contact with other visitors and where possible, we will allocate one shower and toilet section to you for your stay if no more than two groups of visitors are on site at any one time.
  • Facemasks are optional on site and outdoors, although we do ask that other visitors are respected, and masks are worn if and when entering the reception office.
  • The Games Pavilion will remain closed until further notice, but the Paddock Packman course is open!

Our award winning hand sanitisers, cleaning and disinfection products can be obtained for your own use, either purchased on site, or via our website:

We are approved and are awarded the Tourism Industry Good to Go Standard for East Balthangie.